A Total Water Treatment Solution for Industry

River/sea/well water treatment
With BAP Water Treatment Systems, your reliance on municipal supplies can be massively reduced. Water can be taken from local rivers, wells, boreholes, sea-water etc treated and then used within the industrial complex.
Mobile water treatment solutions
BAP Water Treatment has extensive experience in developing containerised water treatment systems. These are ideal for temporary water production such as providing water whilst existing treatment systems are maintained or upgraded.
Waste Water Treatment

We offer a range of low cost, compact waste water treatment systems ideal for treating waste from the onsite processes.

Waste water recycling
BAP provides a complete solution to the industrial water cycle. With water recovery and recycling technologies water can be recovered, treated and reused back within the industrial process. Helping you reduce your water footprint, and save money.
Process water treatment
Water is very often a key component in industrial processes. BAP Water Treatment Systems can integrate seamlessly into your process, connecting with your local control systems and control rooms whilst providing water exactly matching your specific quality standards.
Aquabar water dispensers
Ideal for onsite canteens, BAP’s Aquabar range of drinking water dispenser units are available with built in water chilling, carbonation and water filtration systems as well as the ability to program the amount of water dispensed. Provide great tasting water to keep your employees hydrated and healthy.
Cooling water and boiler water pre-treatment
Utilities such as boilers and cooling water systems need high quality water. BAP’s core technologies include water filtration, softening, reverse osmosis and deionisation as well as boiler and cooling water chemistries that work synergistically with the equipment, providing reliable, consistent water that will keep your key utilities running smoothly

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Water is critical in all industries.

Not only is water an increasing cost, but its quality can have a huge impact on some of your most energy intensive processes.

Covering a wide range of industries our references include the food and beverage, oil & gas, energy & power, healthcare/ hospitals/ bio-pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors.

Industrial Water Treatment Applications

Raw Water Pre-Treatment

Wherever your raw water comes from; Well, borehole, surface water, river water, sea water, recycled waste streams or potable water from the municipal supply, good pre-treatment is essential to protect your downstream processes and save costs.

Raw water often contains a wide range of water contaminants such as suspended solids, organics, hardness, heavy metals such as manganese, iron, lead and arsenic. All of which must be removed or reduced before introducing the water into your processes.

BAP Water Treatment offers a number of technologies designed specifically to treat raw rater including media filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, chemical dosing and disinfection systems.

Cooling Water Treatment

As cooling water is integral in so many process critical systems a failure of a cooling system can have a catastrophic impact on a sites operations.

We are able to provide a total water solution for cooling water systems. By bundling water treatment equipment, cooling water chemicals, certified laboratory analysis, and management through our local teams of service technicians. We offer a tailored solution for your specific cooling water needs.

Our cooling water treatment solution can:

  • Reduce water and energy usage – cooling towers will be able to run at higher cycles of concentration without risking scale formation
  • Prevent unscheduled downtime by preventing corrosion, scaling or fouling of heat exchangers.
  • Safely manage your Legionella responsibilities. Culligan can provide disinfection dosing systems and chemicals as well as monitoring programs.

Boiler Water Treatment

We offer a wide range of options for boiler feedwater treatment including softeners and reverse osmosis units for low pressure boilers and demineralization units for higher pressure boilers. Our boiler water solutions will help you:

  • Reduce your environmental impact by lowering blowdown discharge
  • Prevent unscheduled downtime from corrosion failures
  • Ensure energy efficiencies of heat transfer surfaces by preventing scale buildup

Process Water Treatment

Thanks to our in-house R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities we are able to produce water treatment systems designed to your processes specific needs.

Condensate recovery

By using a our condensate polishing unit (CPU) the high heat content, low total dissolved solids (TDS) water from condensed steam can be recovered and returned to the boiler feed water tank helping to reduce the energy needed to heat the water when generating steam. Advantages include:

  • Reduce water charges and fuel costs
  • Save energy through reduced boiler blowdown
  • Reduced chemical treatment of raw make-up water

Water recycling / reuse

By recovering water used throughout the industrial process, treating it to the highest standards and reintroducing it back into the system, water usage can be significantly reduced lowering your water footprint and helping you save water, energy costs and the environment.

Waste Water Treatment

We offer a number of waste water solutions for industry. Contact us for more details.

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